The Warren’s Occult Museum and Other Scary Stories

Just in time for Halloween, stories of real hauntings. The pictures above were not taken at some cheesy haunted house, they are real artifacts from cases involving demons, murder, witchcraft, and the black arts. If you think only ghosts are responsible for hauntings, think again. Some people believe that demons are real and Ed and Lorraine Warren have spent their entire careers proving this fact.

For over five decades, Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine have been known as the world’s most renowned paranormal investigators, working on famous cases that were first documented in books and then made into blockbuster horror films such as The Amityville HorrorThe Haunting in Connecticut, and more recently, The Conjuring

Ed died in 2006, but Lorraine continues to appear on numerous paranormal reality shows using her psychic gifts. Lorraine is a gifted clairvoyant, while Ed was the only non-ordained demonologist recognized by the Catholic Church. Together they have investigated thousands of hauntings.

The Warren’s Occult Museum exists inside the Warren’s own residence. If you take the tour, it is strongly urged that you do not touch anything. The objects on display all come from real cases of the Warrens and it is said their negative energy can attach itself to you. The spike that was reportedly used to kill a boy in a satanic ritual (portrayed in The Conjuring) is featured there, along with their most famous resident, Annabelle the Possessed Doll (shown in the first picture).

If you are looking for a great horror story to read on Halloween, the supposedly true story of Annabelle the Possessed Doll (shown in the first picture) might just be the one. Not only did the doll change positions and move from room to room, she even left notes for her weary owners and attacked one of them. She also reportedly caused the death of a motorcyclist on a tour of the museum with his girlfriend. He taunted the doll while rapping on the glass of her case. After being asked to leave the tour, the cyclist lost control of his bike and died while his girlfriend was unharmed. You never know what can happen if you mess with the wrong doll…

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